Industrial Discharge the dust Materials, Heavy Duty Rotary Airlock Feeder / Discharge Valve

Industrial Discharge the dust Materials, Heavy Duty Rotary Airlock Feeder / Discharge Valve

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Product Description

Buhler rotary valve air lock for flour mill rotary air sluice


The rotatry type discharge valve also known as electric discharge valve, star discharge valve, etc. It consists of motor, tooth differenced planetary gear speed reducer (X) or nylon needle cycloid speed reducer (Z) and turn the dragon tripper. 

It often applied to non sticky dry fine powder or granular materials. Such as raw powder, cement, slag, coal powder, etc. Normally, they often installed in the following material library or ash bin. For block material, it can’t be used due to the block material is easy to jam their impeller. 

It is designed for storage, feeding powder engineering, quantitative feeding, ash discharge in air and dust removal equipment system. Bag filter and cyclone exports have star discharger (or star discharging valve). Ash hopper will filter the dust and dust collection system in airtight. It is suitable for powdery and granular materials, for the environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical, food and other industrial departments extensiveapplication. 


Buhler rotary valve air lock for flour mill rotary air sluice

1.Q: Can you ensure your design of valve is suitable to our requirements?
A: our professional engineering & sale team promises totally customized design after sufficient information exchange with customer.

2.Q: What is the unique feature of your rotary valve?
A: Normal feature: light weight, compact size, long service life, high efficiency, low noise
Our unique feature: high temperature resistance, high wear resistance, high compression resistance and high sealing performance.

3.Q: How will promise the quality of rotary valve?
A: We do experiment strictly according to your requirements and guarantee the quality after our operational testing. 

4.Q: How will you promise installation service and warranty period ?
A: The engineer will be dispatched to supervise installation if necessary. And one-year warranty will be promised from the 30th day after the date of B/L.

5.Q: How about your after-sale service?
A: Several of spare parts will be offered in shipping list freely, to deal with emergency use because of common wear.
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SINO CLEAN DUST COLLECTION GROUP CO.,LTD is located in Tianjin, which is known as “Bohai Pearl”. It is under the jurisdiction of production center and marketing center. It is a brand enterprise which mainly combines industrial dust removal with three core competitiveness: independent design, research and development, professional production, and full-channel network marketing. It provides the overall industrial dust removal solution for industrial enterprise users. In terms of marketing channels, the company layout mainstream cross-border e-commerce channels. At present, it has two platforms of Alibaba International Station and one platform of Made in China International Station. Products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, etc. They have made a lot of contributions to reducing haze for the global human living environment and improving the working environment of workers in industrial enterprises. Provide one-stop solutions for global users, strive to be the most respected and respected industry leader, bring health and happiness to every corner of the world.

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