Airlock rotary valve, customization unloading valve

Airlock rotary valve, customization unloading valve

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Product Description

Good quality customized discharge airlock small rotary valve

The rotatry type discharge valve also known as electric discharge valve, star discharge valve, etc. It consists of motor, tooth differenced planetary gear speed reducer (X) or nylon needle cycloid speed reducer (Z) and turn the dragon tripper. It often applied to non sticky dry fine powder or granular materials. Such as raw powder, cement, slag, coal powder, etc. Normally, they often installed in the following material library or ash bin. For block material, it can’t be used due to the block material is easy to jam their impeller. It is designed for storage, feeding powder engineering, quantitative feeding, ash discharge in air and dust removal equipment system. Bag filter and cyclone exports have star discharger (or star discharging valve). Ash hopper will filter the dust and dust collection system in airtight. It is suitable for powdery and granular materials, for the environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical, food and other industrial departments extensiveapplication.

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Product packaging


1. Wrap moisture-proof film to prevent dampness abrasion during transportation.
2. Electrical products will be fixed or wrapped cotton packaging.
3. Packed in wooden case s or be fixed for shipment.
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