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Air slide fabric is a pneumatic conveying equipment to convey dry and powder material widely. Usually it is used to convey cement and raw material powder. It is characterized by easy maintenance, good sealing, no noise, safe and dependable operation because of no driving part. It can feed at many points and discharge in many points. Main part of air slide is ventilated layer. This product is used PET-6(Terylene) synthetic fibre which is a new ventilated type. It can resistant high temperature(up to 150*C),abrasion resistance, low moisture, light weight, plain surface and long life etc.  


Air Slide Fabrics produced from 100% Polyester (spun/filament),  100% Nomex, 100% basalt fiber in widths of 200mm up to 2200mm and thickness in 4.0mm – 8.0mm.

· Available in roll lengths and cut pieces to actual installation size & shape.

· Materials inspected & tested with Test & Guarantee Certificates provided.

· Air Slide Fabrics for all Pneumatic gravity Conveyor System i.e. Air Slide, Fluidor, Fluxo-Channel Fluid Slide, Aeration – Box, Airlift or Aerpole pumps in Sillo, Bin & Hopper.

· For bulk material conveying fine crushed and ground powdered chemical mineral substances used to manufacture cement as well as any other similar powdered products.

· Our “Air Slide Fabrics” have good abrasion resistance offered in 100% Synthetic qualities of polyester to withstand organic and inorganic chemicals, acids, alkalis and oxidizing agents contained in raw mix, clinker and cement.


(1)They are used on pneumatic conveyors, silos of every type, vehicle trucks and ail-wagons and also in ships.

(2)Air slide Fabrics are an indispensable part of cement plan, chemical industry, metallurgical industry, bulk cement tank trucks, bulk cement ship and fixed cement tanks.

(3)Powder moves on the fluidization conveyor over air slide fabrics.

The fluidization conveyor not have power  parts.

(4)Flow is achieved by an air flow through the airslide fabrics that removes friction between  powder and the air-permeating textile materials.

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