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SINO CLEAN DUST COLLECTION GROUP CO.,LTD was established in 2018, formerly known as Century New Power Company. Our company mainly produces and sells industrial dust removal products. For example: pulse jet bag filter, filter bag, unloading valve, dust removal filter cage, welding fume extractor, welding dust filter and related accessories. We have been engaged in dust removal and environmental protection for more than 20 years. At present, we have many enterprises for industrial dust collection business service. In the process of work, we have overcome one difficult problem after another. There are countless successful cases. And I am very proud to announce that the number of failures is 0. In other words, all our projects have been successful. Why can this be done?


Our production process is strictly in accordance with the international standard ISO9001. Moreover, all the products we produce have passed CE certification. For products that need explosion-proof, we have also obtained EX explosion-proof certification recognized by the European Union. As an industrial production and trade enterprise, we are very happy to see the long-term safe operation of our products in various countries in the world.


Every product of our company will go through strict inspection before leaving the factory. All electric or pneumatic product equipment will be switched on for trial operation at different times. To ensure that all products can operate normally. In this way, every product we hand over is at ease.


The processing of every position of each of our products can correspond to people, that is, at the time of final inspection, if any part is not processed well, we can trace back to which worker processed the product. Therefore, each of our workers is very serious in their work. In order to produce the best quality goods to customers.


Perhaps you can hear the rumbling noise in our factory. But when you use the device, you will be shocked by the silence of the device. The quietness of the equipment mainly comes from the tight and alienated installation between products. Since they will not bump against each other, of course there will be no noise. All this is the result of the conscientious work of the workers and masters. Of course, we are not immortals either. The sound made when the product works must exist. What we do is to do the best where people can control it.


Well, that’s all. I believe that you must have known our past lives and our meticulous production technology. It must be the best choice for you to find our consulting products.

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Who We Are

bag filter dust collector factory 2

The left picture, this is our I and II department, when you enter the gate of factory. In your left, it is our casting department. In the right, it is sewing and fabrication department.

In the end of road, this is our welding department.

This is the end of our factory. Our engineer and team management is here. To make sure every customer detailed requirement 100% understanding from our sales people to the operation workers. Our engineer and management team are the key of information communication.