cement conveying using woven fabric air slide canvas

cement conveying using woven fabric air slide canvas

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Product Description

China air slide belt suppliers polyester filament fabric

We provide Airslide belt for conveying bulk material by air gravity. The main use of Airslide belt is discharging, declining
transportation or homogenizing the powder or small granular material in quiescent condition. Our airslide belt is named as
Airslide fabric, Airslide membrane, Air slide cloth, Air slide canvas, Air permeable fabric, and Fluidization cloth, fluidising
fabric, etc by our customer. We adopt 100% polyester for airslide fabric material.

Our fabrics can be used at temperatures between -60°C and +150°C. The airslide fabrics are made from polyester yarns. We are also,
however, able to weave fabrics to our customers’ specific demands for air permeability and mechanical strength.


No moisture absorption No caking Resistant to rotting and decomposition Complete unloading without residues Consistent
fluidization over the complete surface Good resistance to abrasion Low wear and therefore longer life Low shrinkage even when used
under hot and humid conditions
Raw Material
100% spun fiber polyester
Weight in average
4000 g/m2
3.5  – 8 mm
Mean Air Permeability
2000pa for middle air resistance
4000pa for high air resistance
Breaking Strength
>6000 N/5cm X 20cm
>3000 N/ 5cm X 20cm
Breaking Elongation
Max Width
Operating Temperature
< 150 deg.C
Recommended Maximum Continues
< 180 deg.C
Recommended Maximum Surge
= 180 deg.C

China air slide belt suppliers polyester filament fabric

In Industry

Power Stations

Filtered dust Flue ash, discharging flue ash
Coal dust
Building and Construction Cement, furnace dust, gypsum, limestone, finely ground quartz,
Calcium hydroxide, lead monoxide,
quicklime, acid crystals,
Pure clay, phosphates, magnesite concentrate, finely ground
fluorid, production of aluminum
Chemical Industry 
Thomas meal (Fertilizer) Rubber compounds, sinter dust, catalysts Sodium sulfate Soap powder

In machinery
Silos / Tanks

Discharging systems Warehouse units Mixing equipment Homogenizing systems
Chute Bottoms 
Conveyor systems Ventilator systems Aeration systems
Silo truck discharging cones Railway wagon discharging cones Vessel aeration & discharging bottoms Container aeration &discharging bottoms
Powder Coating Machinery 
Bottoms for sinter basin

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